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H601Alternator Mount  [photo]$19.50
H602Engine Mounts  [photo]$45.00
H603Rocker Cover - Steel  [photo]$20.00
H603-BHRocker Cover - Steel Button Heads  [photo]$20.00
H603SRocker Cover - Steel - Stainless Steel  [photo]$23.50
H604Rocker Cover - Alloy (Thick)  [photo]$20.00
H604-BHRocker Cover - Alloy (Thick) Button Heads  [photo]$20.00
H604ARocker Cover - Alloy (Thin)  [photo]$20.00
H604A-BHRocker Cover - Alloy (Thin) Button Heads  [photo]$20.00
H604ASRocker Cover - Alloy (Thin) - Stainless Steel  [photo]$23.50
H604SRocker Cover - Alloy (Thick) - Stainless Steel  [photo]$23.50
H605Sideplates  [photo]$20.00
H605-BHSideplates Button Head  [photo]$20.00
H605AHolden 6 Alloy Sideplate Bolts  [photo]$20.00
H605A-BHHolden 6 Alloy Sideplate Bolts Button Head  [photo]$20.00
H606Sump  [photo]$40.00
H606-BHHolden 6 Oil Pan/Sump Bolts Button Heads  [photo]$40.00
H607Timing Cover And Water Pump  [photo]$23.50
H608Water Pump Neck And Base  [photo]$15.00
H609Holden 6 Red/Blue/Black  [photo]$15.50
H611Fuel Pump Mounting  [photo]$8.50
H611-BHHolden 6 Fuel Pump Bolts Button Heads  [photo]$8.50
H613Oil Pump Mounting & Cover  [photo]$19.50
H614Crank Pulley Bolts Or Xu-1 Retaining Plate  [photo]$11.50
H614-BHCrank Pulley Bolts Button Heads  [photo]$11.50
H615Fan & Water Pump Pulley(No Fan Spacer)  [photo]$15.50
H615-BHFan & Water Pump Pulley Button Heads  [photo]$15.50
H6FSFull Set$253.50
H809Holden 253-308  [photo]$15.50