• -  All prices in Australian Dollars and include GST
  • -  All bolt sets are supplied with stainless steel washers
  • -  Attractively shrink wrapped
  • -  All bolts are Unbrako 12.9 Grade
  • -  Stainless steel bolts are not chrome plated

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1.  Rebuilt Exchange Door Hinges Holden Hq Hj Hx Hz Wb
2.  Rebuilt Exchange Door Hinges Torana Lh - Lx - Uc
3.  Rebuilt Exchange Door Hinges Ford Xr - Xt - Xw - Xy
4.  Alloy Holden Washer Bottles
5.  Billet Aluminium Thermostat Housings
6.  Chrome Exchange Bumper Bars
7.  Braided Stainless Steel Flexible Transmission Dipsticks & Tubes
8.  Braided Stainless Steel Flexible Engine Dipsticks
9.  Billet Aluminium Engine Pulleys
10.  Chrome Exchange Bonnet Locking Plates
11.  Boot Lid Locking Catches
12.  Billet Radiator Cap
13.  Battery Box Switch & Cable Kits
14.  Small Block Chev Chrome Socket Head Engine Bolts
15.  Chrome Exchange Alternator Brackets
16.  Big Block Chev Low Mount Alternator Brackets (Zinc)
17.  Cable Accelerator Kits
18.  Chrome Auto Transmission Pans
19.  Chrome Exchange Brake Booster To Firewall Mounting Brackets
20.  Chrome Exchange Brake Boosters
21.  Chrome Exchange Bonnet Hinges With Springs (Pair)
22.  Chrome Chev Grille Bowties And Coloured Inserts
23.  Chrome Custom Scripts
24.  Chrome Chev Alternator Bracket Sets
25.  Chrome Flywheel/Convertor Dust Covers
26.  Chrome Diff Cover Plates Brand New
27.  Chrome Distributor Clamps
28.  Chrome Exchange Outer Door Handles
29.  Chrome Engine Dip Sticks And Tubes
30.  Chrome Engine Oil Pans (Sumps)
31.  Chrome Rocker Covers Embossed With Logos
32.  Chrome Exchange Rocker Covers
33.  Chrome Exchange Fuel Pumps
34.  Chrome Exchange Heater Fan Motors
35.  Chrome Holden 6 Engine Sideplates
36.  Hotbitz Big Muther Chrome Holden/Chev Exchange Alternators
37.  Chrome Exchange Door Handles
38.  Chrome Exchange Holden Guard/Door Bolts
39.  Chrome Exchange Hq-Hj-Hx-Hz-Wb Steering Shafts
40.  Chrome Ignition Coil Cover
41.  Chrome Exchange Brake Master Cylinder Caps
42.  Hotbitz Big Muther Chrome Brand New Alternators
43.  Chrome Oil Filter Covers
44.  Chrome Rebuilt Exchange Power Steering Pumps
45.  Chrome Exchange Power Steering Pump Pulleys
46.  Chrome Exchange Crank Pulleys
47.  Chrome Rocker Covers (Plain)
48.  Chrome Exchange Steering Shaft Couplings
49.  Chrome Exchange Starter Motors
50.  Chrome Exchange Door Scuff Plates
51.  Chrome Auto Trans Dipsticks & Tubes
52.  Chrome Timing Case Covers
53.  Chrome Thermostat Housings
54.  Chrome Exchange Wiper Cowl Vents
55.  Chrome Wiper Arms
56.  Rebuilt Exchange Chrome Wiper Motors
57.  Chrome Exchange Water Pump Pulleys
58.  Holden / Commodore Diff Cover Plates Exchange
59.  Chrome Exchange Engine Mount Brackets
60.  Engine Mounting Brackets (Nel)
61.  Polished Exchange Holden 304 Injected Rocker Cover And Fuel Rail Covers
62.  Miscellaneous Ford Chrome Accessories
63.  Chrome Fuel Pump Block Off Plates
64.  Chrome Front Suspension Bolts
65.  Chrome Exchange Gemini Engine Bay
66.  EJ-EH Gauge Panels
67.  Hq-Hj-Hx-Hz Gts Wheel Centre Cap
68.  Holden 6 Cylinder Red / Blue / Black Chrome Engine Bolts
69.  Holden 253-308 V8 Chrome Engine Bolts
70.  Battery Boxes
71.  Heater Blanking Plates
72.  Chrome Exchange Holden Door Lock Striker Pins And Washers
73.  Chrome Holley Electric Fuel Pump And Regulator Fittings
74.  Holden 6 Grey Motor Chrome Engine Bolts
75.  Rebuilt Exchange Door Hinges Hk-Ht-Hg Holden
77.  Holden V6 Vn-Np-Vr-Vs Chrome Engine Bolts
78.  Long Air Cleaner Studs
79.  Miscellaneous Holden Commodore Chrome Accessories
80.  Miscellaneous Holden / Torana / Gemini Chrome Accessories
81.  Polished Alloy Timing Covers
82.  Polished Alternator Brackets
83.  Polished Alloy Brake Master Cylinders
84.  Plain Flywheel/Convertor Dust Covers
85.  Plain Engine Oil Pans (Sumps)
86.  Polished Exchange Rocker Covers
87.  Polished Water Pumps
88.  Chrome Rocker Cover Oil Caps
89.  New Chrome Rubber Engine Mounts
90.  Stainless Steel Engine Oil Dipsticks And Tubes
91.  Torana Gtr Xu1 Air Dams
92.  Rebushed Exchange Hq-Wb Van & Ute Lower Tailgate Hinges
93.  Transmission Pan And Inspection Cover Bolts
94.  Tail Shaft Loop
95.  Underbonnet Insulation And Sound Deadner
96.  Upper Inner Pivot Shafts HQ-WB,LH-UC